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Welcome to the Home Page of CMP, Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW...

​​​​​​​The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel is a legally recognized Wiccan non-profit religious organization based in the Mid-Atlantic region. The Assembly was incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1993 and was granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS in 1995.  The form of Wicca that the Assembly practices is syncretic and draws inspiration from Astrology, Qabala, the Western Magickal Tradition and the folk religions of Europe. The Assembly hosts and participates in many events throughout the year, many of which have become annual events such as Spring and Autumn Magick; the Ritual of Hecate; the Ritual to the Stag-God Cernunnos and more.


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A Message to Our Friends......

Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW would like to extend our wishes for the well being and safety of all during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please heed the cautions and guidance of the CDC and local restrictions as you are able. Please take this time of social distancing to reach out to friends and loved ones in other ways via phone calls and video chats. If you are home with loved ones, please take this time to deepen your relationships and take comfort in this downtime together.

In keeping with the recommendations to limit gatherings, CMP is postponing classes and open events until May. We will keep you informed if an extension is required. I will be posting later with more information about online class offerings and other ways to remain connected.

We’ve included the link to the CDC and highly recommend reading through the information provided. Stay well and take abundant care as we all travel this path together...

Many Blessings... Robin and the Membership of Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW

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Join the Pagan Experience Study Group for our 2020 series..

 The Temple of Light


5 -Part Educational Series

​​Ready to bring some magick into your 2020? Embark on this new (or well-worn) journey with the Pagan Experience Studies – The Temple of Light. This year’s focus is on the power of the Witch to transform, heal, weave magick and affect change in what will be a challenging year at all levels. The focus of coursework is on you. Shorter class series that are formatted to provide opportunity to share what you know, learn something new and strengthen the foundations of a balanced and effective magickal practice.

Too far away? Not enough time? Too much to do? You can access all (and more) of these courses at Teachings on the Path. Register online and join us remotely at your convenience. Live audio and handouts are uploaded each week to a password-protected site, and I am available for questions as you move through each class. Many are already taking advantage of this option and it has proven beneficial for those who may need to miss a week here or there to be able to catch up and stay engaged.

We kick off the year with two courses that will give you what you need to strengthen and build sustainable foundations for mundane and magickal endeavors. The Power of the Witch: Magickal Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit offers practical suggestions, experientials and tools to prime you for the year ahead. The Saturday, day-long intensive sets the mood for aligning the elements within with your personal natal blueprint. The Witch’s Pyramid and the Astrological Wheel: A Personal Journey will give you the insights needed to make the most of this coming year and beyond.

All courses are designed to act as in depth introductions for those new to the path and varied perspective and insights for those more experienced. Check out and like our Coven of the Mystic Path FB page over the next weeks for event pages with details and registration info for each of the courses in this 2020 series. Questions?

​                                              Tuesday Evening Series:  7:00-9:30p.m.

May 5 - May 26                   4 wks: Awakened Senses: Psychic Development

June 9 - June 30                   4 wks: I AM the Path: In the Halls of the Divine

Summer Practicums
                        July 14 - Casting            July 21 - Divination            August 11- Chant Circle                        

September 15 – October 20            6 wks:  At Home in the Cosmos: Planetary Magick

                       October 27th                          In the Company of the Ancestors: A Personal Ritual for Samhain                

​​November 10 – December 8         5 wks: My Allies: Protection Magick

Coven of the Mystic Path is a proud member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition.

Coven of the Mystic Path