Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Lighting the Fires of the Winter Hearth

​​December 17th

Gather @ 5:00

Join Coven of the Mystic Path as we celebrate the return of the Light and call the solar fires to awaken within. We seek the flame of renewal and share our gifts of manifest experience as the dark gives way and the Goddess of the Winter Earth quickens all.

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General Information:

With the exception of Samhain, all of these celebrations have a potluck social following the ritual.  

What to Bring:
Ritual Garb (if you have)

Dessert to share for the potluck

About the Suggested Donation

$15 suggested donation to cover the cost of rental and supplies

When you attend an event hosted by Coven of the Mystic Path or our parent organization, The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, you will often notice a bowl or wooden box set out for donations. Because we are run on a strictly volunteer basis, the funds to cover expenses related to providing a community event, such as space rental, supplies, printing costs, etc.. are supported by the generous donations of our members and guests. Your donations are always welcome and never compulsory.

Please RSVP/Register for these events so we may plan accordingly.   Use the Event Registration Form to reserve your space and be sure to inform us of any guests who will be attending with you.

​​​​​Lighting the Torch-All Hail, Columbia!

Celebration of Imbolc

January 29       Gather @ 2:00

Join Coven of the Mystic Path in a very special Celebration of Hope and Empowerment. We are using this year's Sabbat of Imbolc to call upon the Goddess, Columbia as Lady Liberty as we light our singular torches, joining as one in the power and strength of a united community. 

This ritual will bring the blessings of sustaining belief, creating a personal future that can withstand the challenges ahead and stir us to action that is productive in nature and supports the well being and highest good for all beings. 

We will chant and move, carried on the beat of drums and sound as we do the work of personal transformation and combine our unique harmonies providing the bolstering to our country's growth and return to values and philosophies that are built on freedom of choice, freedom to thirve and upholding the highest truths for the possitive outcome of all. 

What to bring:
Potluck dish to share 
Ritual Garb (if you have)

Suggested Donation to cover the cost of rental and ritual supplies is $15.

Celebration of the First Harvest

The Re-Membering of Sacrifice

July 30

Gather @ 2:00

Please join Coven of the Mystic Path in a very special celebration of the First Harvest. We will call to the magick of the Goddess, Isis and re-forming of ourselves from the bounty of sacrifice offered by Osiris. 

Celebration of the Summer Solstice: Sacred Fires of the Solstice

June 17

Ridley Creek State Park, Pav. #3

Gather @ 12n

Join Coven of the Mystic Path in our celebration of the Summer Solstice and the peak of the Sun God's Light. This year the Solstice falls during the Fiery Full Moon in Sagittarius and the transition of the Solar energy into the Healing of Cancer's nurturing. We will chant and dance in honor of the Light that has been given, release what has not served and seek healing from the Moon Goddess to carry us into the waning year ahead. 

Please bring: An offering of Summer Flowers for the Land and Drums if you wish to join in the drum Circle

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Celebration of Beltane: A Ritual of Creation

The Veils of Beltane

May 6

Ridley Creek State Park, Pav. #3

Gather @ 12n

Join this special celebration of Beltane hosted by Grail of the Birch Moon, ASW and Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW.
The veils thin as astrological Beltane opens the gates for creation's potential to become manifest. This event is an opportunity to open to that creative potential as the Sacred Union within ourselves is called into a place of fertility. 

We will move, chant and stir the Beltane fires as we welcome the energies of Sun and Moon, Masculine and Feminine, Life and Death as co-creators of our creative efforts. 

What to bring:
Ritual garb (if you have)
An intention of what you wish to create within your life
Potluck to Share


November 4

Gather @ 5:00pm

Join Coven of the Mystic Path and Oak and Willow Coven for our Samhain celebration- Audience with Cerridwen and Waning Moon. This ritual uses the date of astrological Samhain to connect with the ancestors and seek the wisdom of the Goddess, Cerridwen. The moon will be waning in the astrological sign of Libra and its power will be called as we seek the harmony of balance within the worlds of the living and the departed. 

Please bring a token of an ancestor to be placed on the ancestor altar and empowered as deeper connection to their wisdom. Ritual grab is suitable if you have. Please bring a snack and water to use for grounding after the ritual. 

Celebration of the Autumnal Equinox

September 16

Gather @ 5:00pm

Join Coven of the Mystic Path in our celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. This is the time of balance of Light and Dark, Humanity and the beings of the greater Earth, Man and Animal. We will call to the Spirits of the Land and Cosmos, enjoy the second harvest of deeper connection to the Earth and seek the blessings of our Animal Guides and the Goddess, and have audience with the Horned Goddess, Elen of the Ways. 

Coven of the Mystic Path


All events (except the Summer Solstice and Beltane) are held at the...

Springfield Friends Meeting House

1001 Olde Sproul Road

Springfield, PA 19064