​In the Fall, I will be hosting an open Meet and Greet with ritual and potluck. This will be an opportunity to ask questions, hear more about Mystic Path's future goals and work magick together. Those who have decided to pursue membership in Coven of the Mystic Path may submit formal petition at that time. ​

A Coven Within a Larger Tradition.....

A benefit to being part of a larger Tradition is having access to varied and plentiful resources. Members of the Tradition support and encourage each other's growth and freely offer knowledge, time and diverse magickal skill to fellow members. Our eleven (11) covens each have their unique style and open events that are Tradition and coven based provide meaningful experience and shared memories. 

JUST ADDED! Information about petitioning for Membership and Application for Membership in Coven of the Mystic Path. Please read through the Membership page before submitting your application. 

First Steps in Creation

Member Training For Personal Spiritual/Magickal Development....

Coven of the Mystic Path will provide an atmosphere that is supportive of building and enhancing skills in the magickal and subtle arts. Some areas of focus will be:

  • Magickal Protocol Specific to the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel
  • Energetic Protocols
  • Teaching and Writing Skills
  • Study of the Energetic/Subtle Anatomy
  • Exploration of the Parts of Self
  • The Involutionary and Evolutionary Spiritual Paths
  • Shadow Work as a tool of Self-Discovery

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How A New Coven Comes Into Being...

Forming a new coven requires time, dedication, hard work and commitment. First the thought of what is possible presents itself and the desire to create a place that will serve the larger pagan community takes hold.  These first seeds of idea then quickly become the vision of shared experience and spiritual growth achieved in a space of safe haven and support.

The first steps are offering classes that will serve as a foundation for the magickal practice of membership. These classes also offer the opportunity for potential members to interact, share their knowledge and see their points of commonality. Additionally, the classes allow those seeking membership in the new coven to experience first hand the style and methods of teaching that leadership of the new coven uses to inspire and co-create with membership.

A New Journey...

​If your interest has been piqued and Coven of the Mystic Path sounds like it could become your spiritual home, take a look at the Mission Statement and consider attending the Craft of the Wise Study Series. I invite you to take this journey with me as we form Coven of the Mystic Path and walk the Path of the Witch as fellow seekers.  

Coven of the Mystic Path