Mindful Magick

A Contemplative Practice

January 19
1:30-6:30p.m.    5-Hr. Intensive

​​What to Bring:
Note taking supplies

Comfortable Clothing

A Yoga Mat or Cushion if you Wish to Sit or Lay on the floor for experientials
Water and a snack

Temple of the Shadow Series 2019

The Temple of the Shadow reaches into the depths of our Divine nature that lay in the darkness. This 6-part series focuses on the magick found within the deepest recesses of our Being and the tools of revealing those disparate aspects of our being that yearn to be reconciled and rejoin the totality of who we are as Spirit made manifest.  Each part focuses on a body of that Great Work of the Shadow, enhancing the personal practice of both the beginner and the more experienced practitioner.

Each of the individual classes will be highly experiential employing both theory and practice that may be used as part of your spiritual practice, and will employ a variety of tools for maximum effect, including:

·       Meditations/pathworkings
·       Discussion and Experiential
·       Suggested personal practice
·       Resources and more…

All classes meet Tuesday Evenings

7:00-9:30 p.m.

Although, the greatest benefit is derived from participating in all of the sessions, they are content rich as stand alone components. Those seeking membership in Mystic Path should plan to attend these classes. 

Special Note:

Out of state, already filled up with obligations? We offer distance learning for these events. Many are already using this option. 

How does it work?

You register on-line at the Teachings on the Path website. When payment is received on Paypal, you will receive the link and password to access the current week's handouts and audio. Questions, comments and insights are welcomed and can be emailed to me.   Click here for more information and course listings..... Teachings on the Path

​​Temple of the Shadow: Part Two

The Psyche of the Moon

​Unveiling the Hidden

​​​April 2 - April 23

The Moon has remained cloaked in mystery for centuries and its potency and archetypal effects for transformation are palpable and very personal. The Dark Moon of Lilith has garnered fear and avoidance in many practices despite a energy that is deeply anchored in the core of our primal form.

This series of classes will explore the essence of the Dark Moon in all of her forms; its impact on the psyche and its power of use in unveiling the Shadow within our Spiritual nature. These classes will be highly experiential and we will find our own points of connection to the Goddesses and gifts of the Dark Moon.

What to bring:
A journal to be dedicated to the Dark Moon
Note taking supplies
Water and small snack 

FEE: $45 for 4-wks.
ASW - $30

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The Pagan Experience Study Group

Temple of the Shadow: Part One

Into the Shadow of the Hermetic Tree

An Introduction to the Qliphoth​

January 15 - March 5


he Qliphoth translates to "peels", "shells" or "husks", and is traditionally considered the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism.

This series will explore the polarities of energy and assignation found in the Hermetic Tree of Life an d its shadow nature held within the Qliphoth or Tree of Evil. We will move through these Trees, learning the basics of each and how to use the energy of the shadow as a different layer of foundation for all of your spiritual endeavors.

These classes will be a combination of theory, experiential and discussion.

What to bring:
Note taking supplies
Water and small snack

Note: Prior knowledge of the Hermetic Qabalah is NOT required.

FEE: For complete 8-wk session 
Regular - $80
ASW - $40

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The PE Study Group provides the educational foundation for Coven of the Mystic Path

General Information:

Please RSVP/Register for this series so we may plan accordingly.  All fees are due on the first class of each session.  Use the Contact Form to reserve your space.  These classes typically fill quickly so register early.


All events are held at the...

Springfield Friends Meeting House

1001 Olde Sproul Road

Springfield, PA 19064

Be sure to check back often for new events added.

Temple of the Shadow: Part Four

The Name of the Shadow

​Vibrating Into Manifestation

July 16 - August 13


Temple of the Shadow: Part Six

The Gates of Illuminated Darkness

November 12 - December 10


This series of classes heralds the start of next year's work of awakening to the power and brilliance of Divine Light within. Now we stand in the shadow of Light calling forth the reconciled nature and polarity of the Light and Shadow. 

 Events for 2019!

More Info to Follow....

Temple of the Shadow: Part Three

The Temple of the Shadow in the Hermit's Lantern

May 28 - June 18


Coven of the Mystic Path

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Temple of the Shadow: Part Five

The Labyrinth of the Dark Goddess

September 17  -  October 29


Includes the Special Event: October 29th
The Shadow of the Ancestor