5-Hr. Intensives

FEE: $45 p/event

Dreaming Creation

Saturday, October 24

Saturday, January 14


(includes 1 hr. Lunch break)
(alt. snow date is January 23)

I birthed a dream
That held all time
Within its story.

Life and death
Created and destroyed
From chaos arose a 
Refined and orderly
State of being.

But, nothing lasts
And neither did this
Fragile state of creation's

Dreamtime and creation move as companions in all matters of manifestation. From the space of thoughtforms and the astral visions we explore in our dream/waking state we are in a constant process of creation. 

Being alert and present in this dream state and using its energetic gateway to build our personal creation stories is a skill used in magickal, shamanistic and spiritual alchemy. This workshop will explore some of the more prominent creation myths as metaphor for our own dreaming creation into our waking world of experience. 

This workshop will be a balance of experiential, theory and practical application to both mundane and spiritual endeavors.

What to Bring:
Note taking supplies
An unused journal to dedicate to this work
Potluck to share for lunch break 

Temple of the Moon Series 2017

The Temple of the Moon expands upon what has been awakened in the practice of magickal awakening. This 7-part series focuses on the magick of the Cosmos and Mother Moon's energies of stirring the emotional tides within. Passion, desire and emotion are the fuel of great magick. Connecting to the celestial energies and integrating them into our magickal/spiritual practices forges the path to true gnosis. Each part focuses on a body of work that will enhance both the beginner and the experienced practitioner. These will be highly experiential employing both theory and practice that may be used as part of your spiritual practice. 

We begin our studies with an Introduction to Astrology. Other topics include Lunar Magick, Practical Divination, Solstice and Equinox Magick, Solar Enlivening,  Planetary Energy and Cosmic Alchemy. 

Each of the individual classes will employ a variety of tools for maximum effect, including:

  • Meditations/pathworkings
  • Discussion
  • Experiential practice
  • Suggested personal practice
  • Resources and more…

All classes meet Tuesday Evenings

7:00-9:30 p.m.

Although, the greatest benefit is derived from participating in all of the sessions, they are content rich as stand alone components. Those seeking membership in Mystic Path should plan to attend these classes. 

Magick's Fire

Awakening to the Ancient Ones

Sunday, October 15

Spend a day in the Temple of Het-Heru and Sekhmet as we explore the potency of Egyptian Alchemy. 

The Workshop:
The Serpent and the Lion

This workshop will explore the myths and reveal the deeper mysteries of four Goddesses that catalyze those who seek their guidance into a place transfor- mation. We will call to the triune of Hathor, Sekhmet, and Isis as nuit holds the space of potential for our journey. Sound and devotional will open the gates of access to these luminaries that hold the keys to the fires of ancient magick and spiritual development. 

Topics will also include our energetic anatomy and the use of this quaternary as stimulators of our subtle systems; the polarities held within each and the point of resonance within our being; and practical applica- tion of these beings as archetypes of change within the nature of our place as manifest beings. The class will end with a pathworking of opening.

The Ritual:
The Blade of the Ureaus

This is a ritual of transformation using the energies of the ureaic Serpent of Het-Heru and the Blade of the Lion, Sekhmet to remold and quicken us. We will call to the these Goddesses of change as we stand as human in the “between” of nuit’s heavens and Geb’s earth. Chant, movement and music will support us as we awaken the Human Divine. Ritual garb is recommended. Please bring water and a small snack to ground immediately following and come well hydrated and having eaten lightly.

What to bring:
Note Taking supplies
Ritual Garb (optional)
Snack and Water

The PE Study Group provides the educational foundation for Coven of the Mystic Path

General Information:

Please RSVP/Register for this series so we may plan accordingly.  All fees are due on the first class of each session.  Use the Contact Form to reserve your space.  These classes typically fill quickly so register early.


All events are held at the...

Springfield Friends Meeting House

1001 Olde Sproul Road

Springfield, PA 19064

Be sure to check back often for new events added.

Temple of the Moon: Part Two

Under the Veil of Night: Lunar Magick

April 4 - May 24

The Moon rides high in the sky as Her light floods down bathing me in her embrace. I stand in the cold, cloak wrapped around my body with feet planted firmly on Earth. I breathe in deeply taking in the energy of the air around me and lifting arms, fingers stretching up to hold the orb of milky whiteness, I begin my devotional esbat in honor of the Star Goddess and call to Her with words of invocation….

Working with the Moon and her phases are part of the Natural cycle that have been used since the time of the time of the ancients for healing, fetitlity,devotional, and more. 

This 5-wk. class will explore the Moon in all of her phases, both as the feminine principal and in devotional to masculine polarity of the Lunar Gods.

Given all of the diverse energy and mystery surrounding the Moon is it any wonder that its greater mysteries are used to enhance sacred work. Dancing around a fire on a moon lit night, moving to the beat of drums is the nearest one can come to being totally absorbed into the Natural world.

FEE: For complete 5-wk session 
Regular - $50
ASW - $25

What to Bring:
Note taking supplies

The Pagan Experience Study Group

Temple of the Moon: Part Five

Breathing in the Sun

​​August 8 - August 15


Fiery fingers extended
Magnetic attraction and
Pointed ice of heat.

Beginnings and core of birth as
Millions of tiny seeds are moving
Catalytic and combustible
Ever moving towards and creating
A vortex of shard like brilliance.

A continual and unrequited longing
To merge with this Source
To become one and yet distinct
Within it’s heat of fusion.

And in the moment of
My standing in the light
Of your palpable glory...

The child is born
The crown descends and
Newly quickened life moves forward
As the sacrifice is freely given once again.

This 2-wk series will be held outdoors. We will call upon the Sun to quicken us. We will walk the labyrinth of solar light reaching upwards and inwards towards the he(ar)t of its flame. We will sign and move creating a spiral of gnosis as teh Sun and we are one.

FEE: For complete 2-wk session
Regular/ASW: $25

What to Bring:
Snack to ground

A Special Samhain Event...

Parting the Veils 

Calling to the Ancestors

Sunday, October 15
1:00-6:00pm           No FEE

It is  Samhain! A time when the veils thin and we seek the wisdom of the ancestors. Join us for a sacred night of communing with our ancestors. We will open the space of silence and sit before the gate of between as we invite our beloveds to gift us with their wisdom.

Temple of the Moon: Part Six

Celestial Human: Planetary Gifts

September 5 - October 24


The planets have long been revered as bodies in space that stand apart from our earthly experience; only becoming noteworthy in their impacts as science has reached beyond what we know of our planet's life.

Those who work with the hermetic principles and astrological discipline know of the greater impact all of the celestial bodies have on the human experience. These planets are energetic companions as we travel the path of spiritual evolvement and accessing their potency forges a deeper communion with the Cosmos.

This 8-wk series will provide the tools to craft an effective connection with the energy of the planets and their corresponding energetic resonances within our spiritual and mundane forms. We will also identify the ruling planet of our natal blueprint (astrological birth chart) and how that energy plays out.

Topics will include:
Discussion of the 7 Elder Planets and the 3 of Enlivening
The archetypes and energetic correspondences of the planets
Energetic practice that cultivates awareness and sensitivity to the planetary bodies
Energetic Anatomy of the Manifest and Etheric Forms
And more...

FEE: For complete 4-wk session
Regular: $75
ASW: $30

What to Bring:
Note taking supplies
1st Class: Your birth information to include:
Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Geographic Location of Birth

Temple of the Moon: Part One

It's Written in the Stars

An Introduction to Astrology

January 24 - March 14


Back By Request! This session kicks off our 7-part series 2017

The study of Astrology has been a topic of interest and mystery from Ancient times. The relationship between the stars and planets at one’s time of birth and the impact of those celestial bodies on the course of a lifetime has been debated and disputed, but the scientific facts based on astronomy and its findings have uncannily been in support of many of the theory surrounding astrology.

This 8-wk series will provide the core concepts, definitions and basic understanding of an astrological (or natal) chart. 

FEE: For complete 8-wk session 
Regular - $80
ASW - $45

What to Bring:

Note taking supplies
Your Birth info to include:
1. Date of Birth
2. Geographical Location of Birth
3. Time of Birth

Coven of the Mystic Path

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Temple of the Moon: Part Seven

Nuit's Mantle: Cosmic Alchemy

November 14 - December 12


The Goddess Nuit serves as the Great Cosmic Mother and Queen of the Heavens. It is within her body that the stars are held as she reaches downward towards earth and her consort, Geb. This workshop will explore the mystery of the Star Goddess, her myths and her function as conduit and gateway to the realm of star and cosmos. We will learn of our place within the fabric of her body and how we also can awaken the bridge of union within ourselves between the heavens and earth. The final wk's class will conclude with a ritual.

About the Ritual:

Nuit's Mantle: Union of Heaven and Earth 

This ritual calls upon the alchemy of Nuit to awaken our connection to the cosmic and the foundation of Geb to reaffirm our place within the earthly. We will rise upon the planes and stand as co-creators of our own celestial nature. We will affirm our manifest form and work as a physical being and don the mantle of Nuit’s cosmic starlight as we bridge the Gate of union of our mundane and Divine consciousness. 

Please RSVP so we may plan accordingly. 

What to Bring:
Note Taking Supplies
Ritual Garb (if you have) - For the Final wk. 
Water and Snack

FEE: For complete 5-wk session 
Regular: $50
ASW: $30

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Temple of the Moon: Part Four

Celestial Tides: Days of Light, Dark and Balance

​​July 11 -July 25


Great power is held in the magick of the Equinoxes and the Solstices. These are times of change and the balance of the Equinox offers the point of neutrality between the burgeoning Light and Dark of the Solstices. The Great Wheel of the Year uses these days of power as anchor and stimulus for the Sabbats of Devotion held between.

This 3-wk series will provide the lore of these celestial tides, the astrological points of note and reveal the gifts of cyclical nature that are held in the honoring of these auspicious days. The classes will be a synthesis of experience, theory and techniques for enhancing ritual and personal practice.

FEE: For complete 3-wk session
Regular: $40
ASW: $30

What to Bring:
Note taking supplies

Temple of the Moon: Part Three

Destiny's Mirror: Practical Divination

May 23 - June 13


​This 4-wk series is an exploration of Divination as art and craft for practical application. The first week will provide an overview of what Divination is and the varied tools that are used in seeking answers.

Our focus will be on scrying using reflective surfaces such as black mirrors and water and their use as portals and gateways to retrieving information. Classes will incorporate experiential exercises, theory and individual opportunity to practice.

FEE: For complete 4-wk session 
Regular: $40
ASW: $30

What to Bring:
Note taking supplies
Wks. 2-4 : optional tools
A Scrying Mirror or Scrying Bowl